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        Sushi ginger
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        Sushi ginger

        Various specifications and packaging of pickled products are available.

        Color: primary colors, red, pink, light pink and other colors;

        Exporting countries and regions: Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, America, etc.

        Packing: packaging of all kinds of bags, bottles, containers, etc.

        Specification:1kg/bag*10/CTN, 100g/bag*80/ CTN,

                           200g/bag*50/ CTN, 12oz/jar*24/ CTN,

                           113g/jar*24/ CTN, 454g/jar*24/ CTN,

                           5g/bag*1000/CTN, 10 g/bag/1000/CTN,

                           20LB/PAIL, 25 LB/PAIL, 30 LB/PAIL.


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