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        Love in Chongyang, care for the elderly

        As Double Ninth Festival approaches, in order to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtue of respecting and showing love for the aged group, as well as building a delightful and harmonious social atmosphere, Kang Yuqing, Party branch secretary and Lv Tongbo, executive vice president of Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd. visited the senior citizens in Wogou village, Dawangzhuang town, Laiwu district, Jinan city. They brought daily necessities, including cooking oil and rice, and had a cordial talk with the seniors. While getting a detailed idea about their living and health conditions, Kang and Lv told the them to be careful with diet and body health.

        “The sunset glow is said to be the most beautiful scenery in a lifetime, and the elderly is the most beautiful flower in the world”. Through the Double Ninth Festival caring activity, we’ll carry forward the spirit of respecting and showing love for the aged group year by year.




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