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        Laiwu Taifeng Food Co. LTD. successfully held a recitation contest with the theme,“Celebrate National Day · welcome Mid-Autumn festival”

        In order to celebrate the 71st birthday of the mothernation and the Mid-Autumn festival, the Organisation of Communist Party Taifeng Branch organised the recitation contest with the theme of 'Celebrate National Day · welcome Mid-Autumn festival'. Party branch secretary of Taifeng Foods Kang Yuqing gave a speech.


        13 groups of participants praised the motherland with passionate words and mood. The content of the speech conveyed not only the vision of the personal prospects, but also the bright future of the company and the motherland. Their wonderful performance expressed the love for the motherland. Throughout the contest, we see various forms of speech with unique styles. The touching and moving performance won applauses from the judges and audiences, demonstrating the young, energetic, and vigorous team of Taifeng Foods.




        In the end the judges determined one participant with first prize, two with second prize and four with third prize. The leaders awarded the prizes and took photos together with the winners, the contest ended with enthusiastic applause.



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