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        “Joint hands for a brighter future” congratulations on the huge success of the Laiwu Taifeng Foods Co., Ltd. 2019 ANNUAL MEETING

        Taifeng 2019 anuual meeting was held on December 31,2019, in addional to the 300 employees,the other 37participants which from  Bangladesh, Shanxi, Heze, Anqiu and other places joined the meeting.


        Eight AM, the meeting took places in Longyuan Hotel,mainly target was going to summarize 2019 and project 2020.. The conference first introduced the company's leadership, followed by commendation for outstanding advanced employees, collectives and partners,also  signed cooperation agreement with the suppliers. After that, the CEO  Mr. Shu Shujian, signed the appointment  letter with the members of the 2020 operation management center, directors , heads of markets, and heads of commodities.

        At the meeting, the chairman Mr. Shu Shujian,summarized the work in 2019 and proposed 2020 plan;emphasized that in 2020 Taifeng Foods should follow the "1234" working ideas, that is,1Trading shipments 15000 contaienrs;2 Special person takes charge of marketing and commodity;3 Enhance the trade of export, re-export, and import;4 accomplish the changes in management strategies, industrial development,value concept, and talent system, and strive to build the company into a standardized and efficient Modern enterprises.


        At 1.30 pm, the art performance  started. The staff from different departments brought wonderful performances while  the games and lottery pushed the performance to a climax.


         At 6 pm,with Sincerely toastt by the chairman Mr. Shu Shujian, the banquet started .the winner of the mystery prize was also announced during the party. Full of cheers and laughters the Taifeng 2019 annual  meeting came to a happy close!!



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